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Moondrift - Torino, IT

Their sound comes straight from the seventies. Why do they have to choose one singer, when they can have three?

The Moondrift are Claudio Bonetto (vocals, acoustic guitar), Valentina Messina (vocals, violin and acoustic guitar), Giovanna Rostagno (vocals, cajon, glocken spiel, percoussions) and Marco Varvello (bass).

Claude, Giovanna and Valentina played together already in the 90s in a folk band.
Their paths got separated for years, and in the meantime they all play in several bands, until when Giovanna and Valentina started to write some songs in the spring of 2012. After a few months Claude joined the band and he enriched it with his repertoire and his musicality. At the beginning of 2015 Marco Varvello joined the band playing the bass and giving some new flavor to the sounds. Also Marco and Valentina played already together in a blues / rock band in 2006.

Their compositions evoke 70ies' harmonies and sonorities and they blend them with suggestions inspired by everyday life, creating a soft sound, with a declared indie-folk influence.